How Cryptocurrencies Are Making the World a Better Place

There is so much cryptocurrencies can do. For some it is a way to take the monetary power out of governments and institutions. Others simply see it as an alternative to the status quo. For many it is a way to enable positive change in a society that does not allow so otherwise. In many ways cryptocurrencies are a fundamentally democratic tool.

But are cryptocurrencies actually making the world a better place? Let’s have a look.

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We Were Promised Decentralised Exchanges. What Happened?

The main idea of decentralised exchanges is to be able to trade your coins and tokens on the blockchain directly without having to trust a centralised trading exchange. This should theoretically cut out the risk of the exchange losing your assets. Too many exchanges have been hacked and some have simply exit scammed and ran with their users’ funds.

So where are we now? I am going to have a look at the big promises of decentralised exchanges and the state of the art.

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How to Make More Money with Your Crypto

In times like these when all crypto markets are at its worst it might be hard to believe that anyone in crypto is making money. The historic bull market madness is long past us and crypto looks like one of the worst and riskiest investments one could make.

I want to show you that your investment is not lost and that there are still ways to make good money with your crypto investment. Here are my five best opportunities for you:

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What Will Cause the Next Bull Market?

The sudden end of the last bull market left the cryptocurrency world bleeding since then. At this point the markets have calmed down and stabilised. But what’s next? Will we see the bull market return and where will it take us?

I want to explore a few possibilities which could send the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem to new heights.

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